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Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

We let them lie...

Roof Job

Roof Job

Completed House

Completed House

All that's left is a fresh coat of paint.




The ladies of St. Katherine’s Church in Owen, WI were instrumental in beginning the local projects. It began with repairing the basement in St. Katherine’s. This was the location of the ladies’ meetings. Thanksgiving dinners and their monthly free meals were also hosted there. The basement was in dire need of renovation.

With the refurbished basement, it has become a local meeting place for The Hands Foundation and supporters. It is where some of the best food and Annie’s world famous coffee can be enjoyed. Using the basement as their base of operations, the ladies of St. Katherine’s have undertaken their own projects of making quilts for Mexico and, more recently, for homeless U.S. veterans. As of 2013, over twelve hundred quilts have been made and distributed.

St. Katherine’s is located on County Road X, just one block east of Main Street in Owen, WI. Donations for The Hands Foundation are often received there and many free meals are enjoyed. These dear ladies continue to work and feed others and are tireless in their efforts to help Hands help others. Deserving of special attention are Hazel Ring, Marion Ridpath, Annie Boxrucker, and Bev Silampa who are always assisted by Deb Marrier.



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