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The Hands Foundation is a non-profit organization created by Darrell and Chauncey Marrier of the band Rosewater. The Hands Foundation was proudly created not out of an epiphany, but simply to help those in need.


In over ten years Hands has helped thousands of families, restored over 200 different properties and handed out over 25,000 items for those in need throughout North America.


The Marrier Brothers are privileged to use their band Rosewater as a way of not only raising awareness but also providing a means of collecting money, goods, and obtaining volunteers through the music and live shows.


The Hands Foundation began by building homes for selected homeless families living in the extreme poverty that surrounds Monterrey Mexico, one of the wealthiest cities in the world. This initial project then expanded to providing quilts and warm clothing to aid survival during the surprising harsh winter months in the region.


Hands further expanded to dozens of disaster relief trips throughout the united States after the devastating effects of hurricane Charlie in Florida, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, and the catastrophic tornado in Joplin Missouri.


With so many in need around the world it is easy to overlook the needs within your own community. The Hands Foundation thus began countless projects in their home states of Wisconsin and Minnesota including handicap accessibility projects and helping the many people lost in between the cracks of government agencies.


Sadly of the biggest group lost in the gaps has been Homeless Veterans. There are as many as 76,000 Homeless Veterans on the street on any given night in The United States and upwards of 200,000 total within a year.


The Marrier Brothers commitment to Homeless Veterans began by directly integrating this cause into Rosewater's newest live performances. In order to raise awareness and provide a platform for collecting money and items Rosewater created a 'Shotgun Wedding Reception' themed show.


The audience participates by dressing for the occasition in either wedding or military attire and are encouraged to bring 'wedding gifts' in the form of items for homeless veterans. The project has been a huge success creating a fun and entertaining environment for people to affect change in an otherwise somber situation.

The themed shows along with help of local businesses, groups, and volunteers has allowed the Hands Foundation to collect and distribute over 20,000 items to homeless vets throughout the Midwest.


They have recently begun expanding their work nationally with the help of groups in Nashville Tennesee and are not only helping these veterans survive their current hardship but also finding them permanent housing and jobs.


100% of donations to the Hands Foundation go directly to helping those in need. Many professionals and volunteers have donated time, effort, and money to cover all administrative costs and ensure all incoming donations go directly to the causes themselves. Volunteers are also asked to cover as much of their own expenses as possible.


In the future the Hands Foundation, Rosewater, and the Marrier Brothers will continue to expand their work helping homeless vets on a national scale, providing help to those following natural disaster, empowering communities on a local level and caring for those who seem forgotten or lost. These ambitious goals are already becoming a reality.


The Hands Foundation helps provide the motivation, resources, and enjoyable environment to truly make a difference in the lives of others. If you would like to donate or get involved please use the contact information at the bottom of the page.


We couldn't have done all of this amazing work without the help and support if our many volunteers and business who believe in us.


  • Every Third Saturday

  • St Katherine's Church

  • Munson Bridge Winery

  • American Marine

  • Menominee Casino Resort

  • Chuck Raykovich and the Chi-Hi Football Program

  • Creekside Convenience

  • O-W Sports a Liquor

  • Mueller Automotive

  • O-W Enterprise

  • D & J's Farm and Home

  • Awards and More

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