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Have some of that tax write-off money burning a hole in your deep corporate pockets? Well, we can sure put it to good use. The projects we're working on would not be possible without businesses that believe in us. Learn what our sponsors are doing right now.

The quilting ladies of St. Katherines were the first charge in our projects in Mexico and now the Homeless Veterans Project. Learn more about their astounding numbers, the importance of your quilts, and how you or your quilting group can assist us as we look to the future.


Our many projects would not be possible without your support. All donations are tax deductable and 100% goes to the projects we're involved in. None of your money goes to administrative costs. Your donations keep us working.

One of the most important things you can donate is your time. Learn the important ways your time and efforts can be used in our remodeling projects or join the fight against Veterans Homlessness. No matter what, we appreciate anything you can do to help.


Our Homeless Veterans Project runs mostly on donations made by people like you. We are collecting many items to help our Veterans survive in the harsh winters. Learn more about our partnership with Help-A-Vet and the items you can donate or collect to help end the phrase "Homeless Veteran.

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